Pagoda Progress Pics

I finally finished the Pagoda I've been working on today! It was by far the most technically difficult model I've ever created; it put up quite a fight when I was working on it! Thankfully the texture work was quite quick compared to the time it took to build the model itself, but I'm very happy with the result!

Here's the final Marmoset render, including a wireframe without the diffuse textures:

All said and done, it's one 1/8 pagoda slice duplicated 8 times - that is, it has rotational symmetry for 8 sides, and it clocks in around 10k polygons. Most of the polygons are in the roof, as you can see in the wireframe. It was quite complex and difficult to build, though I love how it came out!

Here are some building shots through the whole process:

Initial block-in of the pagoda, checking the rotational symmetry and getting the silhouette down
Creating one "slice" of the roof and blocking in the individual roof tiles in Maya
Blocking in the "ribs" of the roof and the end pieces, using reference pictures of Chinese pagodas
Sculpting detail and weathering the roof tiles
Roof tiles retopologized and baked, with the final version of the normal map in Maya
Sculpting and weathering one of the end pieces in ZBrush
All of the pieces of the roof in place with normal maps - main tiles, ribs, and end pieces
The full pagoda's normal maps are finished, finally!
Sculpting the floor tiles and weathering the stone
Final normal map for the cloud end piece
Final diffuse map for the wooden parts of the pagoda; red columns, red-and-green paneling, and white-and-green "cloud" detailing
Normal and diffuse maps for the stone floor
Normal and diffuse maps of the tile roof