More Pagoda Progress

After working so hard on the Pagoda this past fall, I decided to teach myself a new engine and put it into Unreal 4! I've set up the Pagoda with all its materials in Unreal, and am working on building a scene around it! Check out my current progress:

Made a few quick stepping stones out to the Pagoda, and set up a basic water material for the lake.

Added some Chinese lanterns! I'll continue to work on the material for these; I'd like to get them a little more transparent, maybe with some subsurface scattering, so I can do a daytime render like this and a nighttime render with them lit!

I also decided to teach myself how to make trees by hand - here's the trunk in ZBrush!

My finished leaf, which I duplicated and made into a bigger branch for a transparent leaf texture.

A test render from Maya, checking to make sure the leaves and trunk all look good!

And here it is added to the scene in Unreal, with materials set up and arranged to build a little cove! I'd like to make a few more trees of different kinds to flesh it out more - but they should be quicker than the first one, now that I know what I'm doing! :)